Thursday, August 20, 2015

Twisted Two Step by Julia Bramer

Title: Twisted Two Step
Author: Julia Bramer

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Nathan Butler knows the score. People like him don’t get to be happy. They don’t belong.

Raised by his drug-addicted mother, Nate was kicked around a lot and abandoned and disappointed so many times he can’t afford to care about anyone or anything, his existence a tedious, monotonous two-step. Quick, quick, slow, slow, run, run, walk, walk. Over and over again.

Until he meets Mason Lord. Mase is the only person who manages to crack Nate’s defenses. For the first time in his shitty life, Nate has a real friend. He trusts Mase and even grows to love him, but like always, it doesn’t last.

Killed in a tragic work accident, Mase’s death is just one more disappointment. And when the company refuses to accept responsibility for it, Nate’s heartache turns to hate and he vows to make it right the only way he knows how.


For Rebecca Fox, a beautiful and talented corporate attorney, Mason Lord’s death is simply an accident. Despite the very believable eyewitness testimony from the drop-dead gorgeous Nathan Butler, she successfully defends the company against a wrongful death lawsuit, upping her chances of becoming a full partner at the most prestigious law firm in San Francisco.

The partnership is all she wants, the cornerstone of her long-term plan. Then Nathan Butler unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep and changes everything, her life becoming a thrilling, titillating playground instead of a dull obstacle course to navigate oh-so carefully.

Yet nothing is as it seems. A collision of desires and worlds, a twisted two-step, but what Rebecca doesn’t know can’t hurt her.

Or can it?

My Review

This was my first time reading this author. I thought from the title this was going to be much more country cowboy-ish but it is not. It is actually a story about Nathan Butler and how growing up under privileged left him broken and wanting revenge for an work related accident that took his only friend. Nathan vows for revenge when the company refuses to take responsibility for the accident.

The company lawyer Rebecca is the beautiful up and coming young professional trying to make her way in the male dominated field. She win the case for the company only adding fuel to Nathan's need for revenge. She becomes the means to an end for Nathan in his plan for revenge.

I think I was hooked at the opening scene. Definitely deserving of the erotica tag, but that is where it ended. And I felt the opening scene flashback gave to much away. Don't get me wrong I couldn't put the book down, I loved the story but I felt like I knew what was coming from the beginning.

The ending was definitely a twist I didn't see coming and I always love HEA, so I easily gave this book 4 stars. 

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  1. Thank you, Joyce. So happy you enjoyed the book!