Thursday, August 27, 2015

True Nature (True, #1) by Willow Madison

I received this book as part of an ARC copy on the Firty Shades Support group on Good Reads. I was thrilled when I started reading it that someone actually nailed the alpha male character. Please read the intro to the book and if abuse is in anyway a no go for you then please put the book down, otherwise you will be left dealing and not at all happy with this book. It is in no way a feel good happy book to be taken lightly.

Max was born to an unwed young couple, his birth father left and his mother was a struggling addict when she met Max's step father. Max was raised by the controlling and some would even say abusive step father. I really got the feeling his mother lived in fear, although as per Max it made her a better woman. Max is looking for this same type of control/ownership in his relationship.

This is a first time reading this author and truly enjoyed this book up until the very last event. This ending left me more in hate with Max then in love with him. Although I think he has the potential to be changed. But I'm not sure why I feel that way.

Lucy finds herself searching for something more in a relationship, but is it maturity or what Max is offering her? You will have to read to find out.

This is also somewhat of a cliffhanger, or at least it is for me. I truly don't quite know if this intense relationship is going to work at this point. I will say that I feel what happened in this book is what I consider the definition of abuse. Max definitely treats Lucy with cruelty and violence to the point of leaving marks on her. It is not a love tap smack on the ass, it is delivered as punishment and to mark.

I did enjoy the read, and can't wait to read the next book in the series to see how or if things work out. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Twisted Two Step by Julia Bramer

Title: Twisted Two Step
Author: Julia Bramer

Rating: Smiley from Millan.NetSmiley from Millan.NetSmiley from Millan.NetSmiley from Millan.Net
Smexyness:  Smiley from Millan.NetSmiley from Millan.NetSmiley from Millan.Net


Nathan Butler knows the score. People like him don’t get to be happy. They don’t belong.

Raised by his drug-addicted mother, Nate was kicked around a lot and abandoned and disappointed so many times he can’t afford to care about anyone or anything, his existence a tedious, monotonous two-step. Quick, quick, slow, slow, run, run, walk, walk. Over and over again.

Until he meets Mason Lord. Mase is the only person who manages to crack Nate’s defenses. For the first time in his shitty life, Nate has a real friend. He trusts Mase and even grows to love him, but like always, it doesn’t last.

Killed in a tragic work accident, Mase’s death is just one more disappointment. And when the company refuses to accept responsibility for it, Nate’s heartache turns to hate and he vows to make it right the only way he knows how.


For Rebecca Fox, a beautiful and talented corporate attorney, Mason Lord’s death is simply an accident. Despite the very believable eyewitness testimony from the drop-dead gorgeous Nathan Butler, she successfully defends the company against a wrongful death lawsuit, upping her chances of becoming a full partner at the most prestigious law firm in San Francisco.

The partnership is all she wants, the cornerstone of her long-term plan. Then Nathan Butler unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep and changes everything, her life becoming a thrilling, titillating playground instead of a dull obstacle course to navigate oh-so carefully.

Yet nothing is as it seems. A collision of desires and worlds, a twisted two-step, but what Rebecca doesn’t know can’t hurt her.

Or can it?

My Review

This was my first time reading this author. I thought from the title this was going to be much more country cowboy-ish but it is not. It is actually a story about Nathan Butler and how growing up under privileged left him broken and wanting revenge for an work related accident that took his only friend. Nathan vows for revenge when the company refuses to take responsibility for the accident.

The company lawyer Rebecca is the beautiful up and coming young professional trying to make her way in the male dominated field. She win the case for the company only adding fuel to Nathan's need for revenge. She becomes the means to an end for Nathan in his plan for revenge.

I think I was hooked at the opening scene. Definitely deserving of the erotica tag, but that is where it ended. And I felt the opening scene flashback gave to much away. Don't get me wrong I couldn't put the book down, I loved the story but I felt like I knew what was coming from the beginning.

The ending was definitely a twist I didn't see coming and I always love HEA, so I easily gave this book 4 stars. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Going Home by Max Vos

Title: Going Home
Author: Max Vos

Rating: Smiley from Millan.NetSmiley from Millan.NetSmiley from Millan.NetSmiley from Millan.NetSmiley from Millan.Net
Smexyness:  Smiley from Millan.NetSmiley from Millan.NetSmiley from Millan.NetSmiley from Millan.NetSmiley from Millan.Net


Journalist Carter Roberts was required to interview Carl Foltz and Matt Evans for an article on their lives. It was not an assignment he relished: he just wanted to get there, get it done and get out. Thinking about the subject matter made his stomach churn.

The interview reveals as much about himself as about the two men, and for the first time, Carter learns what a real home feels like. He never would have expected that meeting the two men would change his way of thinking – and his life – forever.

WARNING: Contains materials for ADULTS only. If you have any reason to think that you cannot or will not tolerate any type of mature subject matter, please do not continue. If you have any issues with any type of taboo, or what you may consider taboo material, please do not read. If you have a closed mind about any sexual activities whatsoever, please put this book down or delete it now. If you truly believe that love is love, then by all means, continue.

My Review:

5 totally Smexyness stars! Kept me up all night even after I finished reading!

I totally don't understand why it's don't being sold on all venues, it's consensual adults, I've read far worse human trafficking and child abuse books that's for sure. If you like M/M I encourage you to keep an open mind and let this be a thought provoking read.

I loved this book, had no issues with the content and I look forward to reading more from this author. Before reading I may have had similar reservations similar to the character, but honestly I have no issues now. Shame on Amazon for censoring this book. 

I really had to wait to get to the actual reviewing of the book because it is honestly hot as all get out and kinda hard to wrap your head around.  But once you get past the social expectations and really think about the content you really need to give kudos to the author for stepping way outside the box and making this M/M/M porn with an awesome plot explode in the pages.  I think I felt every single emotion humanly possible while reading this book. 

Let me start by saying the sex scenes where explicit, and being as I don't feel explicit does the scenes justice let me add....explosive, graphic, honest and heartfelt. If you don't like all the dirty detail then this may be a reason to skip this book, or at least these parts.  I think this may be the most detailed sex scenes of a M/M relationship I have ever read. 

This is my first time reading this author but I'm convinced it won't be my last.  The story takes place on a working ranch being ran by a father and son who also happen to be two of the main characters in this story. The son wants their story told to shed light on the taboo subject of the lives they are living and invites journalist for a popular gay magazine to visit and write their story.  Carter Roberts is assigned the interview.  One interview he is not looking forward to but discovers he becomes a part of. 

The characters are some of the best I think I have ever read.  Honestly, I think I felt like I was having the interview conversation with them.  And Carl seemed so lonely you couldn't help but want to hug him. 

If the taboo of incest doesn't really throw you, maybe even if it does I would highly recommend giving this book a shot.  I'm thinking I may have to read it again.  Be forewarned, you will need tissues, and it's a different HEA then I have ever read. 

Easily 5 stars, and I think the smexyness of this book is off the charts!


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rebel (Dead Man's Ink #1)

Title: Rebel

Author: Callie Hart



Series Continued: Yes

Book One in the Dead Man's Ink Series. This book contains strong ties with the Blood & Roses series, but you do not have to have read those works in order to read this one. Rebel is a contemporary romance story with occasional dark themes that some people might find confronting.

Sometimes, you don't mean to become another person. Sometimes the choice is made for you, and pretending is the only thing that keeps you going. When Alexis Romera is taken and her kidnappers find her fake ID in her purse, she must become Sophia in order to keep her family safe. Revealing her real identity to the man she's sold to would be easy enough, but can she trust him? Hell bent on revenging the murder of his uncle, Rebel doesn't seem all that interested in playing things safe.

In fact, nothing about the secretive, dark and brooding MC president seems safe at all.


What do you do when the man who raised you is murdered, and the only witness is kidnapped girl who's being sold as a sex slave? You buy her, of course. As president to the most powerful motorcycle club in America, Rebel isn't lacking in power. There are strings the man can pull, and entire criminal organizations and corporate businesses alike would fall to their knees. However, along with such power comes intense interest. The DEA have their eye fixed solely on the MC...and they're just waiting for Rebel to trip up.

Getting Sophia to testify is the only way to bring the Los Oscuros cartel down. The beautiful, dark haired, dark eyed woman is belligerent and uncooperative and unlikely to bend to his will, but Rebel has a few tricks up his sleeve to make her compliant--he'll charm her until she's bending over backwards to please him.

Of course, falling for her might cause a few hiccups along the way...


This is a first time reading this author and gotta say I loved this book! I can't wait to read the rest of the series. 

Rebel, is definitely a REBEL, hiding in plain sight as the President of his MC. And trying to keep his alias a secret when his favorite Uncle is murdered he begins to plan his vengeance.  To exact his vengeance he needs Sophia to testify.  But will she?  You will have to read the book to find out. 

Sophia is a young psychology student who often analyzes herself outloud.  She comes from a middle class family and will do anything to keep her family safe.   I love how both characters are living a life in secret and the secret ultimately brings them together.  They need each other, now more then ever.

Be forewarned.....there is a cliffhanger!

This book was easily 5 stars and I'll give an extra 5 stars for the book boyfriend. 


Saturday, August 8, 2015

                     Godsend (The Masters of the Order, #3)
    The wait is almost over, just two short months until you get to read about the sexy and sweet Sabin!!! 

Check out his beautiful cover:

For a limited time only get your FREE copy of The Masters of the Order book #2, Paradise through  Amazon Link to Paradise

Jillian Verne's novel Masterpiece (The Masters of the Order, book #1) has been chosen as a finalist for The BDSM Book of the Year 2015.    Amazon link to Masterpiece

All of these novels can be read as stand alone books.  However, they are so darn good, we highly recommending reading them all!!!

Stay tuned for our review of Godsend...

Paradise (The Masters of the Order, #2)

Paradise (The Masters of The Order, #2)
Title: Paradise

Author: Jillian Verne



Series Continued: Yes
The hopeful embrace destiny; the hopeless run from it.

Welcome back to The Order, an elite and secret society of powerful brothers bound by social status and sexual tastes. Come. Play dark games with us.

Doms are not princes and Jacques Meszaros certainly isn’t. Or is he? A business tycoon, philanthropist and sexual Dominant, Jacques makes the rules, but doesn’t always abide them. On a whim, he offers Isabella Rey a soiree in paradise. What he finds when they arrive is a paradise uniquely his own: a destiny foretold long ago in the words of a gypsy.

Two women live inside Isabella. Her angel goes to church every Sunday, helps the sick and is fiercely loyal to family. Her devil is relegated to living in the shadows. Isabella is not looking for love, but a life-threatening twist of fate spurs her to pursue a fantasy. She allows her devil a moment in the sun.

Jacques wants forever. Forever is the one thing Isabella believes she cannot give. But paradise, once tasted, is not easily foregone.

Angel or devil? Dom or prince? Destiny awaits. Will theirs be a paradise lost or found?

The Masters of The Order series is sequential, but each novel is designed to be read and understood independently. Pick any one of my boys, darlings, and enjoy the dark game.

"His mouth went dry and he tried to hide his reaction.  No way he was explaining what was running through his head.
     Isla Paradisiaca
     Island Paradise.
     His Paradise."
Our Review:
FSOG fans, this is a must read!!!   Neither of us could put this book down!!!!!  It is hard to even think of a comparison for this book, it is that different and outstanding.

A wonderful story of love, faith and hope told with elegance and international flair.  After you finish reading this book, you feel as if you have been to several countries in Europe.  Once again, Jillian delivers with excellent character building, captivating story line, and the perfect Happily Ever after including the dream wedding!

You will absolutely fall in love with Isabelle, as everyone who meets her in this story does.  She is stunningly beautiful on the inside and out.   Jacques is the dark force to be reckoned with and you are rooting for him the entire way.   In addition, Jillian let's us into the psyche of Jerard, Sabin and Theo a tiny bit.  Just enough to make you salivate as you hunger for their stories.

Another phenomenal novel written by Jillian Verne...our favorite Philly girl!!!

Paradise is available for FREE on Amazon from August 7th through August 10th, so take advantage and check it out ASAP!!!   Amazon link to Paradise